Upgrading your skills through learning is important

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Whether it is learning a new skill or preparing for a test, learning for the sake of learning is what should be the ultimate aim.

A lot of test prep (be it #IELTS, #TOEFL or #CELPIP) is centered on achieving a bigger aim, like getting into a #school of your choice, or #immigrating to a new country. That makes sense, the very definition of testing is trying to gauge if you are able enough, if you are worthy enough to be considered for that coveted big picture eventuality.

Studying with Ease

Have you experienced mental fatigue when the preparation for a test goes on for months?

Before I try to sell you any dreamy eyed ideals about test prep that seem unachievable and far removed from the reality of preparing for tests I want to make two things clear: first is that I love butter chicken, second is that I totally understand that the eventual aim of preparing for a test is clearing it. I am merely stating a case for trying to (at least somewhat) enjoy the process of preparation.

Understanding relevant skill upgrades

Every test you prepare for, every course you take or every class you sit in is connected to a skill or a learning upgrade. What is preparing for your test achieving for you besides the obvious big picture aim? For eg. preparing for a test like IELTS will not only help you get into a #canadian school of your choice or #immigrate to a country like #Canada but it will also upgrade your #speaking, #reading, #listening and #writing skills in the #english language. Similarly taking a #lifeskill course in #communication will upgrade your #verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Challenge yourself

Be bold, strive to be better everyday, and live your best life possible.

You might say, "okay hold on now, I just want to clear my test and get done with it." I say okay, that's fair and that is totally your prerogative (new word alert!). I understand that; caught in the rut of life it is easy to get into the habit of being mechanical about things. If mugging up and just going through the motions is something that works for you in the long run, go ahead and do that, but you have to be very sure that it works for you. The opposite of that is challenging yourself. Challenging yourself to learn a new #skill, a new #language, upgrading your #CV or simply being better at life than you were yesterday.

Get Inspired

I want to end with a short story about a shy, scared and introverted girl who went on to have a number of diverse accolades to her name. By the time she was thirty she had moved to a new country, cracked her SATs, get into a school of her choice, roamed half of the world, done public speaking, dabbled in stand up and so on. How was an introverted girl able to achieve things that even extroverted people are lucky to achieve. It was because she had a very simple philosophy: she took every obstacle in front of her as a challenge that she had to overcome. She saw it as a dogfight between her and life, and once her brain perceived it as a challenge it went into overdrive to overcome it.

My hope for you is that you can take your #testprep as a challenge and an opportunity to upgrade your skills and not just as a means to get to a desired end.